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Salas VIPs e Lojas de Departamentos em Aeroportos
Lojas de Departamentos e Varejo em Shopping Centers
Lojas de Departamentos e Residências em Ambiente Urbano
Choosing a land to build an enterprise, a house, an establishment or a building, rent a commercial space, renovate, can leave anyone very confused and lost. The truth is that the vast majority of people are unaware of the enormous variety of aspects that one should take into account. They often end up closing high-value deals based on estimates calculated per m2 far below the scope and hence the final real value. They are often surprised by budgets and timelines that go far beyond their initial planning. Others choose properties without the  legal or physical necessary conditions to implement their project.
TC Arquitectura offers a wide range of consultancies, viability studies and diverse kinds of projects that leave our clients well informed of the available options and their feasibility, being able, this way, to decide with confidence on their investments in works and constructions.
Our expertise is designing buildings for Department Stores, VIP Rooms, Hotels and Residences, in urban environment, shopping malls and airports.
We believe that design must meet the needs of time, budget and scope of each client and our commitment is to enrich the project with our knowledge of energy efficiency, environmental awareness, ergonomics, comfort and beauty. We are very strict about technical, legal and ethical standards. We listen to our customers with deep attention and consideration.
Welcome to TC Arquitetura and we hope you take the opportunity to know more about us in the following pages!
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Salas VIP's e Hotéis em Aeroportos

Lounges and Transit Hotels

6 Different spaces already in operationsince the Olympic Games at RioGaleão International Airport

Projetos de Construção e Reformas de Residências


Construction projects, extensions, renovations, Interior Design, "Mais Valia" for houses and apartments.

Projetos de Arquitetura Estrutura e Instalações Compatibilizados para Lojas


Numerous construction projects for street stores and mall shells, expansions, thousands of renovations and relayouts.


Arquiteta Tereza Costa


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